About the Artist

Hi friends,  I'm Shannon, and I am the artist behind The Acrylic Garden.

I’m a primary self taught artist, and while I’ve had the fortune of exploring acrylics and oils mostly on my own, the true essence of my artwork emanates from the natural beauty that surrounds me. From my home studio in scenic Palos Verdes, California, I’m gifted with a view out my studio window of my charming rose and flower garden, which often finds its way into my art.


Beyond being an artist, I’m also a dedicated wife and a loving mother to my two beautiful daughters. The blend of these roles enriches my perception of the world, adding depth and emotion to every brushstroke.

Nature is my muse. It’s in the vast landscapes, the fields brimming with wildflowers, the immaculate bloom of a rose, and the mesmerizing play of colors in every sunrise and sunset. My artwork is a tribute to the divine beauty of God’s creation, and I aim to capture its serenity and majesty with each piece I create.  My art aims to capture these moments and share them with you.  Whenever someone stands before my art, my sincerest hope is that they're momentarily taken to a world filled with beauty, peace, and inspiration.


My painting journey began in 2015 when I discovered my true passion for painting after years working in the field Corporate Finance.  From that fateful moment, painting didn’t remain just a hobby; it became my soul’s true calling. With the help of a few great mentors, my life changed course forever. Slowly, I started recognizing my potential as an artist, allowing a cherished dream to take shape.  I now find purpose in creating art that uplifts people and connects them with positive emotions. Today, I hope my art serves as a source of inspiration and connection for others.  I'm humbled by the way my story has resonated with some, and I believe that with patience and perseverance, we can all find our way to our dreams.