Welcome to The Acrylic Garden, where art meets nature in a beautiful fusion of color and texture.

About the Artist

Hi, I’m Shannon and I'm the artist behind The Acrylic Garden. My artwork is dedicated to capturing the essence of flowers, beautiful landscapes and seasons through the vibrant and versatile mediums of oil and acrylic paint. As an artist, I am inspired by the natural world, and I strive to translate that inspiration onto canvas, creating beautiful and expressive works of art that both inspire and create a deep sense of connection with the world around us. My goal is to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home or office, providing a source of inspiration and joy for years to come. Join me on my journey as we explore the beauty of the natural world through the lens of acrylic and oil painting.

Featured collections

"You belong among the wildflowers... you belong somewhere you feel free"

~ Tom Petty